S2 Ep1: Change, Change, Change

In the Season 2 opener, the gals change it up by getting off their couches,

putting the bon bons away, and getting back on the mic. But that’s not all

the change coming their way.

As Krista prepares for her daughter to leave for college and her best

friend to move to England, Katherine continues to embrace the changes that

new love brings, especially with her son returning for the summer. No more

sex on the couch for Katherine!

Even when they are looking forward to the things that are changing, they

discover they still need to honor ALL that comes with it. Listen as the

gals discover how fear and other emotions can unexpectedly rear up and stop

them in their tracks. 

Are the gals going to live in fear around all the fucking change that is

happening or are they going to slow it down, feel their feelings, let go of

the drama, and embrace the excitement of something new on the horizon? Tune

in peeps!