Ep39: Spring Break

It’s Spring Break Holy Fuckers!! We are so out of here! (But not to worry we are just on holiday!)

In Episode 39, the Season One Finale, Krista’s life has hit max capacity and Katherine’s life needs some time to enjoy new love, so the gals are being led by Spirit to rest, have some fun, and possibly some sexy time (well at least for Katherine)!

It has been a wild ride this year as the Gals have got married (so to speak), and given birth to their crazy new lives! This rapid pace of expansion has Krista’s exhaustion level at an all time high so it’s time for the gals to learn a lesson in self-care, honoring their personal needs above everything else. and spending some time with their inner children. (Not to mention Spirit was totally blocking the creative flow from flowin’.)

So the gals are taking their own advice, and having some Faith (Ep:38) that a break is the natural, next step for the podcast. But not to worry! The gals are using their R&R time to regroup and vision for season 2, coming soon!