Ep37: I Like My Story...But Is It True?

As Krista and Katherine were commiserating on the phone, the book, “I Need

Your Love- Is That True?,” by Byron Katie literally jumped off the

bookshelf, knocking Katherine on the head. But was the book meant for

Katherine who was in the throes of new love or for Krista who was in the

quagmire of breakup, struggling to find a way out of hurt and despair? 

Find out how Krista stops herself from using a false story as the basis for

a life changing decision ultimately creating an energy shift from calling

it quits to creating possibility with Golden Eyes.

 Listen and learn the Byron Katie meditative questioning process that

forever changed the way Krista and Katherine view life and the many

“stories” that come along with fucking being human. 

And listen to the end for a “special” outtake!