Ep36: Keeping Love Alive

Krista and Katherine explore beginnings and endings as their relationships change form (AGAIN). Does the love survive or not? Can you let go of a relationship without letting go of the love?

Krista explores the new phase of her relationship with Golden Eyes. While digging out of their prison of expectations they find themselves in a tunnel of love. Can they relax into the journey even before they see the light? What will be waiting for her and Golden Eyes when they get there? Will it be The Best Friendship Ever or the Most Incredible Love Story of All Time? Krista is battling letting go of expectations while still holding out for the latter!

Katherine makes the self-honoring choice to shut down the Transatlantic Sexting Spree, while

opening the window for another lover to climb the ladder to her secret garden. See how the shutdown actually opened her up to more loving and having the relationship she wants in her life-Here and Now! Boy (Girl!) has she grown. This has been an interesting journey from long distance lovin’ to love in her own backyard.