Ep35: Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir

The gals were gifted a video by an interested party (Interested in getting

to “know” Katherine better that is.)

In episode 35 the gals are intrigued by the concept of clarifying the

meaning of sex with your new partner prior to having sex. “What does it

mean to you to have sex with me?” With this question the Gals explore many

different meanings people can attach to having sex.

The timing is perfect to contemplate this topic as Katherine is waxed and

ready to see where her hot date will lead. Will they decide to just

snuggle? Will breakfast be expected in the morning? Or will sex for one of

them be too much of a commitment? Is it just fun or is there a spiritual

experience behind it! 

Stay tuned…

As for Krista, she wonders how these important questions can be used in an

existing relationship to enhance a sexual partnership that has many miles

on the road!

 Check out “The Other Safe Sex Conversation” by Steve Bearman from the

Interchange Counseling Institute