Laura Kennington Interview | Holmlands Adventure Podcast | S1 E4

In episode four of the Holmlands Adventure Podcast, we speak with British adventure athlete, author and speaker Laura Kennington.

Having quit her office job five years ago, Laura carries a passion for the endurance capability of the human body.

From kayaking the length of the Volga River in Russia; to running 100 miles across Fuerteventura; to cycling the North Coast 500 in Scotland and many more - Laura shares the stories of her adventures to date - in an honest conversation, discussing how not everything in life always goes to plan.

Today, Laura is on a mission through her adventures to help others unlock their own potential and hopes to encourage everyone to think a little bigger, in something she calls "Project Kairos".

"Kairos" also being the name of her first book, is a compelling account of Laura's journey to find out what she's really capable of and what it means to redefine your limits - and your life. Signed copies available to purchase via

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