Benjamin Alexander Interview | Holmlands Adventure Podcast | S1 E9

Benjamin Alexander, 37, is a former international DJ turned professional skier, aiming to become the first ever alpine ski racer to represent Jamaica at the Winter Olympic Games.

Growing up in Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom, to an English mother and a Jamaican father, Benjamin discovered a passion for music as a teenager, which led to him playing records as part of the thriving London pirate radio scene in the early 2000's - before turning his love for music into a career that enabled him to travel, playing at some of the biggest and best music festivals around the world.

It wasn't until 2015, when a friend from within the music industry invited Benjamin to join him on a trip to a heli ski lodge in British Columbia, Canada, that he first discovered skiing at the age of 32. With no skiing experience, he was bound to the lodge but was determined to return to be able to enjoy the snow on skis next time around.

Instantly absorbed by the sport, Benjamin took his first lesson the following winter and hasn't looked back since, spending as much time on snow as possible and learning from some former ski racing stars on how to turn himself into an Olympic standard GS racer.

After retiring as a DJ in 2018, Benjamin paid a visit to South Korea to watch the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and found himself disappointed by the lack of representation from the Caribbean - a region with a huge Olympic history.

Inspired by the story of the story of the Jamaican bobsleigh team, fighting the odds to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics, as featured in the film "Cool Runnings", Benjamin wants to empower people around the world through his own journey that no matter your age, experience, background or ethnicity - if you have a "can do" attitude - anything is possible.

Speaking with Holmlands Founder and Director Cameron Hall, Benjamin talks about his journey so far, the challenges ahead, his hopes and ambitions in his 2020 Winter Olympic bid and more ...

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