HUNDEN ban explained in detail, NA & AU matchfixing scandals (ft. ESIC's Ian Smith) | HLTV Confirmed S5E52

HLTV Confirmed is joined by ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith to talk in detail about watchdog's decision to ban HUNDEN. What was in the files HUNDEN leaked, how ESIC decides on the punishment, were players involved in the coaching bug, and should (supposedly) Astralis worry about being the recipient of the information - these and other questions were answered in this episode. In addition to that, ESIC's investigations on NA matchfixing, Australian MDL bans, coach bug, and the Akuma situation are discussed. 

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0:00 - Podcast intro 

HUNDEN’s case

4:37 - Introducing Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner

5:17 - HUNDEN’s scandal background

6:35 - What’s known about HUNDEN’s case so far?

11:19 - What was in the files shared by HUNDEN?

28:03 - HUNDEN hasn’t been heard?

35:08 - Why would an unsuccessful appeal increase punishment?

40:33 - Why is ESIC involved in this case?

48:53 - HUNDEN investigation, deciding on 2-year ban

59:20 - Opposing team involvement - problems for Astralis (supposedly)?

1:06:19 - Allegations against Heroic players regarding coach bug

Other ESIC cases & questions

1:22:34 - NA matchfixing

1:27:00 - Australian MDL bans

1:37:12 - Akuma situation

1:45:54 - More on coach bug to come out?

1:50:40 - If it was only anti-strats only, would ESIC get involved?

1:55:01 - What should be considered as intellectual property?

2:00:02 - How is ESIC funded?

2:05:09 - Why should ESIC be an authority?

2:10:20 - Final words from Ian Smith

EPL & Playtime

2:16:10 - Who wants to be a skinionaire? By BitSkins

2:20:40 - HUNDEN talk takeaways

2:33:33 - What if HUNDEN intentionally broke the contract?

2:42:28 - Group C final matches

2:51:34 - Parimatch Matchmaker (EPL Group D)

2:59:00 - Final words

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