Tony Bicknell – Smart World Connect

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We spoke to Tony Bicknell, the CEO of of Smart World Connect. After working in a number of digital transformation and analytic roles in the electronics and media industries, Tony created Smart World Connect which aims to improve community collaboration and achive a truly smart city.

Smart World Connect provides a platform for app developers to build basic aps for local communities. Distributed through the digital community hub, users can access a wide range of commercial and community apps which help connect people with shared interests, utilise resources and encourage engagement.

We asked Tony what we can expect to find within the ‘Digital Community Hub’, about the new Google Flutter technology and how the model will provide revenue to its developer community.

We also discussed how it will be rolled out in towns and cities, how it will gain users and what need it is satisfying in order to be able to carve out a niche alongside other familiar apps.

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