056: The Stone Bridge of Regensburg

The stone bridge in Regensburg, built in 1135, has been through a lot. It's the oldest standing bridge in Germany and also spans some 300 meters. It's an heirloom of German history that even has its own lore around it. Swedes destroying one of its guard towers, Nazis blowing up a portion to stop American troops, medieval executions. Enough events and legends that it needed its own episode. Also, Regensburg is amazing.

The "podcard"--as the kids are calling it--came from Klaudia Zotzmann-Koch. Author and podcaster extraordinaire, resident of Vienna, but from an area we recently covered (Episode 51), she gives us more insight into the area.

https://www.zotzmann-koch.com/buecher/ (I believe all in German)

https://www.zotzmann-koch.com/blog-podcasts/ (in German)

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