Episode 80: Magic Books and Rings

“Der Buddler” aka Mirko Gutjahr, took Travis on a tour of the University of Leipzig Library’s exhibit on magic books and to the Landesmuseum Halle to see magic rings in a “Rings of Power” exhibit. Mirko works at the Martin Luther house in Wittenberg, is an archeologist by trade with tons of stories of digs, and previously a curator at the museum in Halle, including an exhibit on the Sky Disc of Nebra (which we did an episode on for the History of Germany), he’s also the creator of the Secret Cabinet Podcast, which Travis translates to English. He’s been on the show before, but now helps give us a much deeper insight into magical thinking throughout the ages — and how that ties into alchemist’s views of the world.

Links for this episode:

https://www.uni-leipzig.de/+magica | all the books in the exhibit are online!

https://www.landesmuseum-vorgeschichte.de/sonderausstellungen/ringe-der-macht.html | on the exhibit “rings of power” (German)

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alchemy-Search-Truth-Jo-Herlihy-ebook/dp/B081X3GJ46/ A listener, Jo Herlihy, wrote a book on Alchemy!


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