Sofie Hagen on fat activism and taking up space in a fatphobic world

Sofie Hagen is a Danish comedian who co-created the Guilty Feminist podcast with Deborah Frances White. Hagen is non-binary and uses pronouns she/they/he. Hagen is a fat acceptance campaigner and plus size fashion designer, who speaks candidly about our culture’s ingrained anti-fat bias and the subtle and overt ways society continues to marginalise and discriminate against fat people. 

In this episode of History Becomes Her, Hagen discusses her admiration for civil rights activist Rosa Parks. Hagen also shares how she got started in the fat acceptance movement and how people can unlearn their ingrained anti-fat bias. In her book Happy Fat Hagen writes about the reality of being fat in a world that wants you to take up less space. She talks about being spat on and having someone tell her, “if you weren’t so fat, I’d rape you.” Hagen wants to reclaim the word “fat” and live in a world built on self-acceptance and loving your body.

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Special thanks to Sofie Hagen and HarperCollins.


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