Are We Compatible?

Compatibility is a hot topic, but is there a way to know if you're compatible with someone before getting too deep into a relationship with them? Compatibility is a major contributing factor in finding a higher love, but what exactly are we looking for in a potential partner?

We spoke in previous episodes about aligning your love values with your partner but I wanted to take it a little deeper and perhaps a little off the predictable path and look at compatibility outside of the box that it’s often placed in by relationship psychologists.

In this episode I chat to Jules Ferrari, a psychological astrologer who takes us on a journey through the natal chart and how we can use it as a guide to navigate the way we show up in relationships. Then I catch up with Emmie Rae, a human design reader who discusses the importance of emotional compatibility through the lens of Human Design. And then lastly you’ll hear from kinesiologist Zoe Bosco about working with wounds and triggers in both your life and your partners when navigating a relationship.

Host & Producer: Jordanna Levin

Editor: Matt Sofo

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