34 - Havana Mahoney Sees With Her Nose! Welcome To The Dead Animals Planet!

Havana sees Minhdzuy & Omar pop into existence and becomes best friends with them, mostly because she doesn’t have friends on this planet. She shares how she can see things by smelling since she doesn’t have eyeballs. Minhdzuy & Omar try to leave immediately, but Havana manages to get them to stay by telling them about all the very beautiful and nice people. They stay! Omar flirts with Havana and tells a story about J. Montgomery, some person who built a plane before the Wright Brothers. Minhdzuy builds a fan and talks about that time when they issued a bunch of new quarters. Havana tries to add her own story but can’t think of anything. And it wouldn’t be an episode of Hey Sailor without gene splicing! Omar makes Ant-Cantaloupe hybrids and then Havana eats it, giving her the powerful sense of sight! What a miracle!

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