30 - Finale! Omar & Minhdzuy’s Final Adventure? Or Another New Beginning? Acts 35, 36 & 37 of Crystal!

Minhdzuy & Omar have been living on the Fry’s Electronics Spaceship for far too long now and come to the realization that perhaps, they are really, truly stuck on the ship. As they live their new lives on the ship, they lament the decorative Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean 3) pirate ship steering wheel that doesn’t seem to do anything other than mock their inability to move anywhere. Now that they’ve accepted their new home, they decide to fire up the podcast machine once again and try watching the final 3 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. Sailor Saturn, the soldier of destruction, makes her debut and Minhdzuy and Omar LOVE her. After an epic battle, they find out that Crystal ends on a cliffhanger! When does the final season begin? They’re not sure. Minhdzuy and Omar reflect on the season and wonder what an alternate universe might be like. Their pondering leads them to wonder if maybe their fourth season might become possible if they try to puncture universes and cross over somewhere else.

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