31 - The Language Of Exploration! Have We Stumbled Upon The Berenstein Universe?

After touching the Jerry Bruckheimer wheel, Minhdzuy and Omar wake up in a giant library and discover a magical, psychic mural that responds to thoughts. Using the language of exploration, Omar and Minhdzuy ask it basic questions to help them figure out where they are, but soon realize that true adventure lies outside. Our two explorers find a perfectly preserved version of the Acropolis, leading them to believe that they’re in Nashville, Tennessee. However, Omar comes to the starchy conclusion that since no humans are around, they’ve both traveled to an alternative universe where humanity has been completely wiped out. Not only is this an alternate universe, but it’s the oft-discussed Berenstein universe that much of humanity came from before slipping in to the Berenstain universe! It’s the same universe that contains Sinbad’s Shazam movie! With the full power of the Mandela Effect in their hands, Minhdzuy & Omar can now jump between universes in order to solve some great new mysteries!

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