35 - Havana Is Already At The Observatory? Sexaphones In A Sunless Universe

Havana joins Minhdzuy & Omar as they hop into their next universe. The first strange thing they discover is that this universe starts their weeks not on Sundays, but on a second Monday! The universe is so dark that they realize there is no sun at all! The gang tries to start a band called Moon Chain. Minhdzuy plays the sexophone, a saxophone that works by fucking it, and Havana plays the tromboner, an instrument that works normally. Omar is the manager. They all decide that they should investigate the observatory. Who’s there but Havana’s dimensional counterpart? The gang suspects that this other Havana may be hiding this dimension’s sun. Havana makes out with herself. Minhdzuy and Omar murder the double. Havana has to stay in this dimension to take the place of the dead Havana. Bye, Havana!

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