25 – The Password Is Pizza! Uncovering The Mysteries Of The Abandoned Space Station! Crystal Act 30!

Minhdzuy and Omar find themselves aboard an abandoned carrier ship, but the security drones are still fully active! By breaking into the records room, they discover that the galaxy has been hiding a long war between electronic goods stores, F.Y.E., Circuit City and quite possibly, Best Buy. While they have not hesitated to meddle in galactic affairs before, they take pause when deciding to become involved in a war that may determine the fate of the Earth. In the meantime, their discoveries have also led them to stumble upon an endless library of overpriced DVDs and Blu-Rays. How will Minhdzuy and Omar’s meddling alter the course of this hidden war? Will Act 30 of Sailor Moon provide them with the wisdom they need to carry on? Find out on Hey Sailor! For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy