49. Ethical Gold and Why it Matters - Futura Jewelry on Mercury-Free Gold

Did you know that 99% of the world’s gold miners use mercury when extracting gold from the earth? Mercury is a super harmful material and the United Nations have declared the issue a worldwide crisis. More so actually: It’s the number one threat to the planet.

When Today’s guest Robert (or Bob) Donofrio , the founder of @futurajewelry , found out about this he knew he had to do something about it. Bob began his career in the luxury jewelry business 35 years ago and is the former President of brands like Bulgari and Asprey. But through a recent life-changing discovery of the devastation and threat that mercury used in small-scale gold mining poses to our planet, he chose to support a cleaner tomorrow. He launched Futura, a modern brand offering consumers a new jewelry option to wear what they believe. He is also an Official Partner of the UN Environment Program Global Mercury Partnership and I’m so honored to have him here on Hey Change.

Website: www.futurajewelry.com

Instagram: @FuturaJewelry

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