E94. Use Your Anger For Good with Mike Veny

What does it mean to use your anger for good? Today's guest Mike Veny hasn't just learned to deal with his anger, he actively challenges it to better his work and do good in the world! As a mental health expert, advocate, and professional speaker, Mike tours the country helping companies and their employees revive the gifts of mental wellness. We brought him on the Hey Change Podcast to talk about how anger can serve as a powerful (and healthy) tool in our work for climate and social justice.

In this episode:

  • Passion vs gifts
  • How to lead a meaningful life
  • Breaking stigma and creating new norms
  • How to embody your anger and let it empower you
  • How to think about our work in climate change to stay inspired and motivated

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Website: https://www.mikeveny.com/

Instagram: @mikeveny

Twitter: @mikeveny

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Book: Hug Your Haters

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