E91. The Future of Recycled Fashion

What could the future of fashion look like if we learned to recycle and repurpose all material already created? That is what we'll get into in this episode with two innovators in the field -- Renewcell and Circ. Considering only 1% of textiles get recycled into new clothing today, this is a field we should give a lot more attention and focus on!

About Renewcell:

Harald Cavalli-Bjorkman is the Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Investor Relations at Renewcell, a sustainable tech company from Sweden that patented a process to efficiently create pulp made from 100 percent recycled cotton clothing, called Circulose®

Learn more: www.renewcell.com

About Circ:

Luke Henning is the CFO of Circ, an American company pioneering the space of cotton and polyester recycling. Circ's big differentiator is that they're the only brand recycling and recovering both polyester and cotton from fabrics in any ratio.

Learn more: www.circ.earth


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