E89. Sustainable Money & Business

In today’s episode, we want to share with you two conversations to help us shift the narrative on business and money. We’ll talk about impact investing and how we can be creative when it comes to starting businesses that not only solve a problem but support a more sustainable world.

First up we have Rebecca Orlowitz David, an impact investing expert and founder of the platform GIVE. She's also the author of the book of the same name -- and GIVE - How To Manage Your Money and Make a Difference.

Next, we have Linda Pouliot, the CEO, and founder of Dishcraft. Linda is a great example of someone who started a business that not only solves a problem for businesses but does so in a way that leads us into a more sustainable and enjoyable future.

A few impact investing suggestions mentioned in the show:

Calvert for responsible investing and engagement

CNote to help support underserved communities in the US 

Kiva for loans that change lives in underserved communities around the world

Republic, an app for impact investing with a low minimum

Also mentioned:

Abundance Project by Derek Rydall

Heated Newsletter 

Banking on Climate Chaos – 2021 Report

Rebecca’s platform:


Rebecca’s book: GIVE - How To Manage Your Money and Make a Difference.


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