Welfare Reform - How We Got Here (Part 1)

It's been 25 years since President Clinton signed into law sweeping welfare reform. But while this massive bi-partisan victory did a lot to strengthen families and sanction the dignity of work from the highest levels of government, a victory 25 years ago doesn't not necessarily mean victory for the next 25 years. Today, President Biden and liberals in Congress are now looking to completely end these successful reforms, and replace them with policies that have been proven not to work. On this episode, we look at the lead up to welfare reform, the politics, the posturing, and of course the success. In addition, we look at the current situation here in DC and why it's crucial to pushback against the left's attempts to upend welfare reform.

Show Notes:

Reversing Welfare Reform and Returning to “Welfare As We Knew It”

Bait and Switch: Biden Child-Allowance “Tax Relief” Overturns Welfare Reform

Congress Should Reject Efforts to Restore “Welfare as We Knew It” by Expanding Child Credits

The Biden Child Allowance: Examining the Impact of Welfare on Work

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