The Power Hour | Do Chinese Electric Vehicles Pose a National Security Threat?

The Power Hour is a weekly podcast that discusses the most interesting energy and environmental policy issues of the day with top national experts. Were you wondering how China could use its expertise in electric vehicles to challenge the United States? Well Jack welcomes Center for Energy, Climate and Environment Director (and his boss) Diana Furchtgott-Roth to the Powerhour to discuss this critical issue. Diana brings a career of experience to the discussion having worked in senior roles in the White House under Presidents Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush.  Perhaps most important to this debate, Diana served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology at the U.S. Department of Transportation.  It must also be noted that Diana has held numerous other leadership positions in multiple federal agencies as well.  If you want to learn why Chinese electric vehicles should be banned from the U.S. market, you don’t want to miss this one! And don’t forget to join the conversation with an email to! Tell us what you thought of the podcast and what you want to here in the future. Thank you for listening and being part of the Power Hour! Check out Diana’s recent piece on the issue at here!

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