The Power Hour | America is Leading the Reemergence of Commercial Nuclear Power

The Power Hour is a weekly podcast that discusses the most interesting energy and environmental policy issues of the day with top national experts. In this episode, Jack and Carol Berrigan of the Nuclear Energy Institute sit down to talk about America’s key position in the commercial nuclear energy business. Despite reports of its untimely death (ok, that’s a little hyperbolic), Carol makes a compelling case that America’s commercial nuclear industry is very much a leader as evidenced by the role of American companies in the emergence of new nuclear technologies, like small modular reactors.  But it’s not just about SMRs, American innovation, manufacturing, and expertise is key to nuclear projects across the country and world. If you want to learn not just what the American nuclear industry does now but how it is positioned to grow into the future, you will want to check this one out. Let us know what you think at!

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