Events | Paraguayan President Santiago Peña on Bolstering Partnerships in the Western Hemisphere

The U.S. and Paraguay have enjoyed a close bilateral relationship for decades with cooperation on issues ranging from narcotrafficking to economic development. As the most recent nation in South America to recognize Taiwan, Paraguay is also an essential partner in countering growing malign influence of China in the Americas which brings increasing instability while threatening U.S.-regional partnerships.

With the victory of the conservative Colorado Party in this year’s elections, Paraguay has bucked a recent regional trend that has brought numerous leftists to power. Now, recently sworn-in President Santiago Peña will set the path forward for his country and its engagement with the U.S. The Heritage Foundation has invited President Peña to highlight the importance of U.S.-Paraguay relations and discuss our hemisphere’s pressing set of challenges, including China, transnational organized crime, Iranian-sponsored terrorism in the region, uncontrolled migration, and economic instability.

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