Events | A Decade of Decline: The Need to Restore America’s Military Power

Most Americans do not realize the sorry state the U.S. military is in. Following years of overextension, deployments, and a lack of prioritizing defense spending on what is needed to fight and win America’s wars, the military is far from the strong force built by Ronald Reagan to defeat the Soviets. The tenth edition of The Heritage Foundation’s Index of U.S. Military Strength makes that clear. With adversaries growing in strength and causing chaos in nearly every corner of the globe, coupled with a new Cold War with China, this weakness only makes the world more dangerous. But American military power can be restored if the urgency is felt, and the right actions are taken now.

Join us for a conversation with Senator Roger Wicker, followed by a panel with retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, noted grand strategist Elbridge Colby, and former Green Beret Joe Kent on how we can reverse a decade of decline and restore America’s military power.

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