Detransitioner Talks Protecting Children from Gender Medicine

The infusion of gender ideology into medicine has led politicized pockets of the medical industry to prey upon vulnerable children who experience distress with their sexed bodies. Rather than working to help these youth become comfortable with their bodies, many medical organizations and practitioners push “gender affirming care,” which starts with changed pronouns and “social transition," and moves on to puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and even sterilizing surgery.

When Chloe Cole was only twelve years old, she began taking puberty blockers. Soon after, she socially transitioned to begin presenting as a boy and began taking testosterone. At age fifteen, on the advice of her doctors, she underwent a double mastectomy. By age sixteen, she regretted the decision and “detransitioned.” She is now working to warn others of the harm of this burgeoning industry that preys on the young.

This event will feature the powerful testimony of Chloe Cole and explore policies that will protect children.

Hosted by Jay W. Richards, Ph.D. Director, DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family

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