Paradise' S6 Week 6 With Amanda Mitchell

Last night, we settled onto our couch, ready to watch the dramatic and proposal-filled Bachelor in Paradise finale that turned out to not be a finale at all. That’s right, while we’ve reached the end of rose ceremonies and date cards, we’ll have to wait until next week to find out which of these couples got their happy endings. 

This week, however, was a test for the remaining couples. Blake’s rough time in Paradise finally came to an end, Kristian helped Demi work through her anxieties, and Bri had a feminism win so good that it feels like our feminist analysis of The Bachelor had just been leading up to this moment. Joining us to help sort through it all is Amanda Mitchell, writer and host of the podcast America’s Next Top Best Friend.

We’re coming to Chicago on Wednesday, Sept. 25th. We’ll be at the Newport Theater in Chicago recapping episode 4 of season 1 of The Bachelor, and we’ll be joined by one of our favorite recappers, Ali Barthwell of the Vulture Bach recaps. And hey, maybe some local Bach alums will join us! Get your tickets here:


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