Introducing D Is For Desire

There was no new episode this week, so instead, we’re here to introduce you to a new member of the HuffPost podcast family.

D Is For Desire is hosted by our colleague Noah Michelson and explores sex, sexuality, relationships and love from angles you could have never imagined in health class.

You may have heard a trailer for the show play during a break on last week’s podcast, but we’re here to give you a chance to listen to a full episode about a topic Bachelor fans know all too well: Romance! And the lack of it! And questioning the very concept of it!

In this episode of D Is For Desire, we hear from Joci, a woman who thought there was something wrong with her until she was 46 years old, when she discovered the term “Aromantic.”

The first three episodes of D Is For Desire are already available, with more episodes premiering on Fridays, this summer.

You can listen and subscribe to D Is For Desire on Apple Podcasts: Or wherever you get your podcasts:


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