'Greatest Seasons Ever: Jason Mesnick' with Jason Mesnick

Time to take a virtual trip back to 2009. We were still youthful college students who hadn’t been swept up into Bachelor Nation’s inescapable pull though we did have the same ill-advised layers and flat-ironed side bangs as some of the contestants – and a handsome single dad was learning just how fickle reality TV fame can be.

That’s right, we’re revisiting Jason Mesnick’s season! The first, and to our knowledge only, Jewish Bachelor, he was also the first but far from only Bachelor to dump his winner and then pursue his runner-up for the cameras. A groundbreaker. And on this episode we’re joined by the man himself, Jason Mesnick, for our spotlight interview.

Our calls to action this week:

The Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network


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