'Greatest Seasons Ever: Alex Michel and Trista Rehn' with LaNease Adams

The year was 2002. We had it all: Dark neutral lipsticks, blurry camera phones, and, of course, The Bachelor! 

We’re not saying that The Bachelor *took* our live show ideas, but we’re just saying, that if you liked Monday’s recap of Alex Michel’s season, you’ll REALLY like the deep dives that we did as part of our live tour last year. Way to steal our thunder, ABC. 

But, alas, we persevere. We also got to revisit a slightly less familiar season -- one we don’t know better than our home phone numbers -- the first-ever Bachelorette season starring Trista Rehn.

This week, we talked to LaNease Adams, who made history with Alex Michel as the first-ever on-screen kiss in Bachelor history. We wanted to dive even deeper with LaNease, so we reached out and chatted with her about her time on the show, that kiss, the racism she dealt with from viewers, and more.

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