'Bachelor' S24e9 With Daryn Carp

G’day, Sheilas! The Bachelor went to Gold Coast, Australia for Fantasy Suites and, just like Pete, we can’t help but speak in horrific Australian accents. 

This week, we’re joined by Daryn Carp, host of PeopleTV’s Reality Check and Andy Cohen’s assistant, to talk about Pete’s time Down Under, the ladies’ new living situation, and Madi’s confusing ultimatum. 

In case you need more Bachelor content, check out Reset - a tech podcast by Vox. Emma stopped by the show this week to talk about how influencer culture has infiltrated the world of The Bachelor. Check out the episode here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-bachelor-here-for-the-wrong-reasons/id1479107698?i=1000466402360


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