Bonus: There's Nothing Quite Like Your First Time

There's no episode to recap this week, so we decided to talk about “Bachelorette” firsts: the experience of being a first time viewer of the show, the significance of the first black Bachelorette, and what it’s like to be kicked off of the show on your very first night. Up first, we spoke to Charreah Jackson, senior editor at Essence, about her first time watching The Bachelorette -- which she’s doing this season. She’s written pieces like “We Still Have to Be Twice As Good: 4 Racial Reality Checks from The Bachelorette's Love Life” about the experience of watching the first black Bachelorette. Then, we talked to Rob Howard, who you may remember, vaguely, from your TV screen back in May. He was one of Rachel Lindsay’s suitors, and was eliminated on the very first night. Rob told us all about the anticlimactic experience of being a first-nighter.

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