'Bachelor' S25e8 with Caroline Moss and Erin Evans


We will be discussing reporting that includes spoilers. Please be warned. Skip forward to approximately 16:00 to get to the spoiler-free recap. Joining us to discuss our reporting on Matt James’ statement from last night is HuffPost Senior Enterprise Editor Erin Evans. Read our piece: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/matt-james-the-bachelor-race-problem_n_60342be7c5b67c32961fef84?7jk

 It’s hometowns week on The Bachelor, and you know what they say: home is in Nemacolin, where you all live forever now. 

And so do your families! It’s like Noah’s ark -- each woman gets to save 2-3 loved ones from the pandemic.

Just like Tayshia, Matt doesn’t get to actually travel to his ladies’ hometowns, but he does get to meet some parents this week.

Here to discuss all the moms and all the sisters, we’re joined by Caroline Moss, host of the podcast Gee Thanks, Just Bought It!


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