'Bachelor' S25e4 with Zara Rahim

This week on Matt James’s journey to find love, we took one step forward and two giant steps back. We actually ended this episode with, somehow, more women than we started with -- and they even managed to jack up the already high level of unpleasantness in the house.

Matt’s task is truly Sisyphean … as is our own, as audience members in search of a happy ending. So on this episode we have a new friend of the pod joining us, Zara Rahim. She is a communications strategist who has formidable experience approaching her work through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. She’s worked for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Vogue, the list goes on.

Our call to action:

In light of all of the sex work shaming that went on during last night's episode, we want to encourage people to donate to the the Urban Justice Center Sex Workers Project to support advocacy for the human rights of sex workers. Because sex work is work. Period.


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