‘Bachelorette’ S16e1 With Alyssa Mastromonaco

We’ve waited so long for this and it’s finally here! Seven years after she first appeared on The Bachelor, Clare Crawley is our Bachelorette. We’re diving into a Bachelorette season that looks a lot different than we expected. Quarantines! Face masks! Nasal swabs! If we learned one thing last night, it’s that the men of The Bachelorette are much better at modeling public safety than the entirety of the Republican party.  

On this episode, author, podcaster, and political commentator extraordinaire Alyssa Mastromonaco joins us to talk about the first night in 'The Bachelorette' bubble.

Our calls to action this week:

  • Make sure you are registered to vote and have a voting plan! Go to iamavoter.com or votesaveamerica.com to check your registration, sign up for election text reminders, see what’s on your ballot and make a plan to vote!
  • Given that voter suppression still runs rampant in the country, consider donating to organizations fighting against it. 
  • Fair Vote, a nonpartisan organization fighting for proportional representation (https://www.fairvote.org/
  • The Campaign Legal Center, fights partisan gerrymandering and also focuses on issues like voting rights and campaign finance through litigation and public education, (https://campaignlegal.org/about/support
  • Fair Fight, founded by former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (https://fairfight.com/)


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