Introducing: Ben Steele, American - Episode 8: The Last Guy Out of the Gate

Ben Steele, American is a documentary podcast limited series inspired by the book "Tears in the Darkness - The story of the Bataan Death March" by Elizabeth and Michael Norman and is hosted by Alec Baldwin. 

In episode 8, Ben goes home and, after a difficult period of adjustment, establishes himself as a celebrated artist. Listen to Ben Steele, American on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts.

Produced by Jan Thompson, Zach McNees, and Alec Baldwin.

Jan Thompson is our writer and editor. 

Zach McNees is our mixer, and post production supervisor.

Ben Steele American is inspired by the book Tears in the Darkness by Elizabeth and Michael Norman.

The cover art for each episode features original art by Ben Steele himself with graphic design by Ben Dunmore.

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