S7E8: Why Black Women Need Executive Coaching with Farah Bernier

Lady, are you living with A.I.M.-Authenticity, Intention, and Masterful execution? Not sure? No worries. You know Terri and Dr. Dom have your back. In this week’s episode, the ladies are joined by Farah Bernier, Human Resources professional and Founder & Principal Coach of Living Fabulously Fierce. Farah is a dynamic woman who is passionate about empowering women through executive coaching. No matter your current position, from entry level to CEO, there are tips and insight Farah provides that benefit us all. Grab your coffee/tea, pen, and paper to begin the work of upleveling your career and journey of self-discovery.

Quote of the Day:

"...In the choices we make, is the sweet spot of brilliantly arriving at the recognition of the truth that we are fearfully and wonderfully made..." -Farah Bernier


3 pro tips for the workplace

  1. Give people permission to give you feedback
  2. Take the feedback
  3. Arming up


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