S7E5: Executive Women: Living Your Purpose and Exploring The Myth of Balance with Thasunda Duckett

Lady, are you living your life like a diversified portfolio? What makes you extraordinary? In today’s episode, Terri and Dr. Dom are joined by the dynamic Thasunda Brown-Duckett. From her role as mother to banking executive, she is the embodiment of living her life with purpose and owning her character. Using banking terms we learn why work/life balance is a myth and how to be more intentional with our time. Thasunda drops so many powerful quotes that will help us gain perspective and remind ourselves of who we are. After listening, scroll down for some of Thasunda’s tweetable quotes.

Quote of the Day:
"If you give all of your energy, commitment and passion to your life, you will almost certainly have a fulfilling professional and personal life journey." 
-Thasunda Brown-Duckett


Thasunda Duckett’s Quotes:
“I rent my title but I own my character”
“Your character transcends your ego”
“Ordinary person trying to do extraordinary things”
“Live your life like a diversified portfolio and over time you will outperform this thing called life”
“This is on the chest is not Superwoman...it’s Spent”
“Three things you should never sacrifice: your health, family and character”
Diversifying your portfolio:
Write down what matters to you and allocate it
In the moment give 100%
Permission to respond as the conditions change knowing over time you will outperform
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