S7E4: Manifesting Your Ideal Life and Transmuting Energy with Jasmine Green

Lady, are you in control of your life? In today’s episode, Jasmine Green joins Terri and Dr. Dom to share with us how we may not be in alignment with our purpose and steps we can take to get into alignment. No matter how your journey started, as we hear from Jasmine, does not have to be the route you continue to take. The internal experience of the entrepreneur we see is a powerfully vulnerable story and Jasmine shares with us how to transmute our energy. Through visualizations and personal examples we learn concrete steps to manifest the life we deserve.

Quote of the Day:

"You can only receive what you're actually ready for AND... You will only allow yourself to have what you believe you deserve."

- Jasmine P. Green


Three phases of Manifestation

True manifestation is when you master being it vs wanting it

  1. I want it because I recognize what I don’t have
  2. Close your eyes and visualize where you want to be ”this is mine”
  3. Whatever you believe you deserve you can have- you have everything you need to get/receive it.


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