S7E12: How to Strategically Win at Work with Dr. Kimberly James

Lady, how do you navigate the world of work? Are you focused on a career or job? Is your purpose aligned with what you are currently doing? In today’s episode, Terri and Dr. Dom are joined by Dr. Dom’s friend and mentor, Dr. Kimberly James to discuss navigating careers. From learning how to strategically manage your career...to distinguishing between a mentor and a sponsor and why both are important...to identifying what to focus on when you have been laid off or trying to change careers. The gems that are dropped in this episode are truly priceless.

Quote of the Day:
"Rent your title, own your character."
-Thasunda Duckett

Tips for Strategically Managing Your Career
1. Goal Setting
2. Managing Tasks
3. Securing a Mentor AND a Sponsor
Tips for Playing the Game
1. Doing Your Job Well
2. Having Allies
3. Improving Your Skillset
4. Network
5. Self-care
6. Don’t Shutdown When Faced with Obstacles
 Dr. James

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