S15E5: Rediscovering Yourself After Motherhood

Hey lady, this week Terri and Dr. Dom sit down for some honest conversation about mothering and motherhood. Being a mom, as rewarding as it can be for some moms, does not come without its challenges. Terri shares her journey of trying to conceive her now 15-month-old daughter while Dr. Dom and Terri offer tips for moms trying to find their way back to themselves. We could all use a little extra support sometimes so tune in for all the helpful gems!

1. Honoring who you were before and what you accomplished
2. Make time for the things you enjoy (when and if you can) and enjoy them solo
3. Determine who you want to be moving forward
4. Prioritize your relationship with you
5. Find new ways to connect with your people
6. Get help
7. Take care of you/self-care

Reference Episodes:
✓ S10E8: New Mom Who Dis?: 3 Tips for Navigating the Change in Friendships for New Moms

✓ S12E10: Postpartum Depression and Feeling Unprepared for Motherhood with April Hernandez-Castillo

✓ S12E7: Supporting Parents Who Breastfeed with Courtney Stallworth

Quote of the Day:
"In the end, I'm the only one who can give my children a happy mother who loves life."
- Terri Lomax

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