S15E3: Understanding Burnout: It's Not About You

Hey lady, did you know that burnout is classified as an occupational hazard and not a mental health condition? It was news to us too, which is why this week Dr. Dom and Terri sit down and break down the truth about burnout and why it can manifest in us all differently. Day-to-day life can pile up and once you add in work stressors it can feel as though you are in a pressure cooker. Tune in for tips on how to release some pressure and identify ways to prevent it.

Signs of Burnout:
1.Feeling depleted or exhausted
2.Feeling distant, negative, or cynical about the job
3.Experiencing reduced professional efficacy
4.Acting out of normal character
5.Disengaging from self-care routine
6.Punishing self for feeling burnt out

Reasons for Burnout:
1.Unfair treatment at work
2.Unmanageable workload
3.Lack of role clarity
4.Lack of communication and support from management/leadership
5.Unreasonable time pressure

***The responsibility of reducing and eliminating burnout is on the employer, not the employee.***

How to care for self before during and after burnout:
1.Identify and focus on what's within your control
2.Make time for what brings you joy
4.Always have something that you're looking forward to
5.Stay connected to your support system

Quote of the Day:

“All my life I've been sick and tired. Now I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.”
-Fannie Lou Hamer

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