S15E2: This Too Shall Pass: 7 Ways to Find Stability During Unstable Times

Hey lady, have you ever looked around and been shocked at the state of affairs in your life? Or, woke up and felt entirely overwhelmed and in unfamiliar territory? Believe it or not, you’re not alone. This week Terri and Dr. Dom discuss the internal and external factors that contribute to instability in our lives. When life gets to lifin’, do you have the tools to stand in the midst of your storm? Tune in as they dive into tips on building a self-care toolkit to help you navigate shaky ground.

Tips for finding stability during turbulent times:

1. Get clear on the state of the world right now.
2. Tap into your resources.
3. Let yourself off the hook.
4. Don’t stop dreaming!
5. Surround yourself with good energy.
6. Get clear on what stability looks like given the current circumstance.
7. Self-care.
a.Self-care ideas:
i. A walk outside/Being in nature
ii. Moving your body (e.g., dancing, workout)
iii. Journaling
iv. Catching up with friends
v. Crying
vi. Baths

Quote of the Day:
"Stability is the state of having your bearings and being able to navigate the world around you."
-Terri Lomax

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