S15E1: The Importance of a Personal Homecoming

Hey lady, we’re halfway through the year and we’re checking in. This week Dr. Dom and Terri sit down and have a heart-to-heart about their personal homecomings as they reflect on the past three and a half years of doing Cultivating H.E.R. Space podcast. It’s always good to give yourself some space to reflect, so grab your journal (head over to the Cultivating H.E.R. Space podcast shop if you need one!) and vibe out with Terri and Dr. Dom as they recount their favorite episodes, some of the highs and lows they’ve experienced, and put some intentions out in the universe.

This episode is about you too! What have you done that you’re proud of and where do you see room for improvement? Your feedback is valuable to us, and we want a deeper connection, so tune in and find out how we can make that happen.

Quote of the Day:
"In a world where Black women are underrepresented and misunderstood, we initiate authentic conversations from everything to fibroids to fake friends and create a safe space to just...be.”
-Dr. Dom and Terri

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