S12E8: It Ain't About You Boo: How to Stop Taking Things Personally

Rejection. Insecurity. Perfectionism. These are some of the reasons why we may be taking things personally. At different stages and seasons in life, we have all found ourselves in a space where we are asking, “What did I do? Why am I the target here?” Most of the time, it is not about you. However, your reaction is an indicator of something going on within you. In today’s episode, Terri and Dr. Dom help us explore why we take things personally and offer strategies to heal.

Quote of the Day:
"Don't get upset with people or situations. Both are powerless without your reaction."

Tips to help us stop taking things personally:

Consider the source
Identify your triggers
Choose your plan of action

do you need to have a conversation?
do you need to go within and do more healing? See #4

Address your unfinished business

talk to your therapist
create a personal SOP

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