S9E1: How to Know When You Should Give Up: Saying Goodbye to the H.E.R Space Podcast!

Welcome to 2021! Have you ever started something (a relationship, job, hobby, etc.) and after a while was no longer interested or things were no longer working in your favor? When those moments come up, what did you do? In January 2019, Terri and Dr. Dom launched the Healing Empowerment Resilience Podcast and have released a new episode every Friday. Now, after two years we are closing the doors on one chapter to make room for another opportunity. As you listen to this episode Dr. Dom and Terri will share with us situations they have walked away from and the new and exciting things in store. This is definitely an episode you want to listen to all the way through.

Quote of the Day:

"Although my plans may change, I will stay committed to my purpose.”

-Season 8 mantra

5 Signs It Is Time to Walk Away

  • You’re always exhausted and no longer have interest in it/them

  • When the only reason you haven’t quit is you’re worried about what other people will think

  • When the only reason you are sticking with it is because you do not know who you are without it/them

  • You are not able to visualize a positive outcome

  • You are no longer clear on your why

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