S12E2: Bamboozled By Jesus with Yvonne Orji

“Nobody is an overnight success. It costs them something.” Today’s guest embodies what it means to sacrifice along the journey to success. This super special guest is the homegirl you need in your life. Yvonne Orji is that friend who drops the important gems while keeping you laughing. In the midst of your laughter, all of the lightbulbs of insight will start flashing and keep you coming back for more of her wisdom. In today’s episode, Yvonne will keep you laughing as you take in important life lessons. Her journey of being Bamboozled by Jesus is something to which we all can relate and definitely do not want to miss.

Quote of the Day:

"God has custom-designed your life to magnificent, and by default, the magnificent is uncertain, daring, and downright scary."

-Yvonne Orji

Where to connect with Yvonne Orji:

Website: Bamboozled By Jesus

IG: @yvonneorji

Twitter: @yvonneorji

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