S8E3: Getting It In: Sex, Intimacy, and Dating in Times of Quarantine with Dr. James Wadley

Today you are in for a special treat. Dr. Dom and Terri are joined by Dr. James Wadley to talk about sex. This is not the “birds and bees” talk you may have had with your parents. In a judgement free zone Creativity. Pleasure. Fun. all take center stage here. From discovering your erogenous zones and how to communicate with your partner, today’s episode provides insight on how to have some of those uncomfortable conversations about sexuality at any age. Dr. Wadley also share tips on how to develop sex positivity and healthy sexuality in children.

Quote of the Day:

"The best of sex is the best of you."

-Dr. James Wadley

Encouraging Body/Sex Positivity in Kids:

  1. Use medically appropriate language

  2. Understand the value of consent

  3. Discuss physical and identity changes

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